Thursday, June 5, 2014

Photos from my garden today!!!

It's not huge, but I sure LovE my garden!

To celebrate my new Facebook page I took some photos in my garden!!!  Yes, I did it!  How cool is that?  Hope you can visit and like and share my page:

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Here are the photos, hope you enjoy
Blooms, buds and beauty!!!

Echeveria 'Morning Light'

New growth on my Schlumbergera cuttings just planted less than a week ago.

Classic beauty - Aeonium canariensis “Giant Velvet Rose”

The glow of Aloe maculata

Lamb's ears - first bloom

California Poppy

Bees love my garden

Yarrow flowers reach for the sun

A lot of Aloe flowers look similar. This one is from Aloe 'Moondance'

This Tiger Aloe shoot fights to survive after the mother plant expired.

Now I know why they call this "Goldfish Plant"

Kakanchoe delagoensis - Chandelier Plant, Mother of Thousands

Cotyledon orbiculata flower

This bud reaches up to the sun from its colorful bed.

Ruffled Hybrid Echeveria - first bud

Potato Vine Flowers

Airplants (tillandsia) flower bud - shoot, lost the tag

Echerevia 'Topsy turvy" flower bud

Fushia flowers

What is in your garden?  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Barbara. It is much easier than it looks. Where do you live?

  2. Oh gosh, everything looks so gorgeous, just shame to look at my garden now, it makes me think I really need to hire a designer to do my landscape!

    1. Oh Cindy, your garden is beautiful. I didn't hire anyone. It's taken me almost four years to get to this point. I need to post some more photos because we painted our fence and it looks so much better now. :)